i get asked alot of these questions…

How do you take your pics?

What camera do you have?

What editing software are you using?

Why are you called ioselfie?

The short answer is, “I use my iPhone, that’s all” which leads to a lot of confusion, so let’s start with an answer to this question:

What’s an iOSelfie?



noun informal

noun: ioselfie; plural noun: ioselfies

  1. a photograph that one has taken of oneself, a hands-free method using an iPhone’s self-timer setting.




Ok, so what does that mean exactly?

The word selfie basically acknowledges the act of taking a photo of oneself, usually while holding the phone.  In most selfies the person is holding their camera with an arm extended snapping a pic of mainly just their face/body, or snapping a pic into a mirror.  Then that selfie-stick came along to give a little better reach, helping create more room and accommodating more people in the background, scenery, etc.

An iOSelfie falls into the general idea of taking a pic of oneself, but this is something special, unique and a little more adventurous.   


Here’s how you take an iOSelfie

  1. I launch the camera app on the iPhone
  2. I tap on the timer icon in the top navigation
  3. I select 3 or 10 seconds (I always use 10 second to have more time since many pics are demanding)
  4. I turn “live” off so I get a burst of 10 pics to choose from
  5. I set the phone down on the ground (usually leaned up against my bottle of water)
  6. I tap the camera shutter and then I have 10 seconds to get properly into the shot


A few rules I follow:

  1. NO EQUIPMENT Whether I set my iPhone on the ground, on a table, or lean it against something it’s using the natural environment around it. No equipment is necessary to bring.  If I need to take a pic and it’s just a flat open surface I’ll lean the phone against my water bottle or I’ll fold my wallet into a triangle to prop it.  For me part of the challenge is creating this entire shot with just me and my phone.  Many of my photos may involve climbing or jumping so i don’t ever want anything with me that I have to hold.
  2. EMPTY BACKGROUND I didn’t start this right away but as this project naturally advanced I realized that I never wanted anyone in the background of my photos.  There was something so beautiful about the idea of just me.
  3. NO EDITING Yes, I use my instagram editing tools for some slight adjustments and use minimal filters, but I don’t like the idea of going overboard.
  4. IPHONE ONLY FOR ME I haven’t owned another phone aside from an iPhone besides a Blackberry 8 years ago. Although I don’t have much experience with other phones, the photo timer capabilities of an iPhone work well for me.
  5. LOWEST PERSPECTIVE POSSIBLE When your phone is on the ground you get an amazing shot.  100% of the time I place the phone wide for landscape and 95% of the time I keep it on the side where the lens is closest to the ground.

So Why is it called iOSelfie?

I coined the term because of the existence of two words working in perfect harmony.  The name for the operating system of the iPhone I have, aka iOS + the fact taking pics of myself is obviously a selfie.

iOS + selfie = ‘iOSelfie’

Now its your turn.

Altho I have some rules of what makes an ioselfie for me, it’s really up to anyone to put their own spin on it.  So go ahead and try it out and don’t get your phone stolen.


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