Why an iOSelfie?

My previous entry educates you on what an iOSelfie is, but why I started doing is worth the read as well.


About 4 years ago I started traveling a lot. I would snap pics of cool places, but I wanted to be in the pic too.  When you are traveling alone certain obstacles always present themselves like:


Nobody needs to see my face that close up.  And the reason I started taking these wasn’t because I wanted me up close and personal, it’s because I wanted to focus on the backdrop but also include myself in the picture.


So if you don’t want the traditional selfie, next option is to ask a stranger to take your pic, but:

  • What if no one is around?
  • What if you’re more of a loner preferring isolation and don’t wanna engage human kind?
  • What if you just don’t feel like bothering someone?
  • What if someone is willing to take the photo but they suck at taking your pic? cuz most likely it won’t be the exact standards you were imagining.

The last one was my biggest inspiration because I realized that I wanted more control in my photos.  And I slowly realized that altho I thought I wasn’t a “photographer”, in fact I was and could do it better myself.


Why this is so important to me

I cant remember the first time exactly when I took a self timer photo. It might have been 2 years ago, but once I started doing it it slowly went from being a hobby to now a (healthy) obsession.

The 4 reasons why I fell in love with this:


I would be with friends wanting a picture and an iOSelfie solved the problem of one of us being excluded from the pic to take it or having to ask someone.   But aside from those 2 reasons, there was this exciting spontaneity to setting the phone down,  tapping the shutter and going “guys get ready” as the timer counted down.



The more pics I took, the cooler they got.  You would have to get creative on where you could set the phone down and that difficulty produced an equally rewarding shot.  Mainly because setting the phone on a flat surface forced a lot of that surface be in the photo.  so it just had this aesthetic wasn’t seen before in peoples pics really.  And then when there was a smooth or shiny surface it created this fantastic reflection/glow.



I grew up an athlete in the Midwest.  Not only was I never introduced to art/photography at a young age, we actually grew up thinking it wasn’t cool. As I began taking these pics, it created athletic scenarios where getting from the camera and running into the frame became a challenge, an adventure, a game and in a way a sport. It united competition with art.

Some of my best workouts are from taking iOSelfies.  The desert pic (shown below) from UAE forced me to run up sand dudes 30 times and I’ve never had a better cardio workout in my life.



I want to inspire the world, and educate as many people as possible that you don’t need to be a “photographer” to take amazing photos of yourself.  That you don’t need to have a professional camera, lens, money or equipment.  And altho I’m using a iPhoneX currently, any phone camera that has at timer setting will do.  Give me a iPhone 4 and I’ll still take amazing pics, it’s about your vision and creativity for the photo overall.

While I’m fortunate enough to travel around the world taking iOSelfies, I also want to make it known you can take amazing pictures in your own town.  Even a routine trip to the local ATM machine can result in an amazing photo (see below)



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