A history lesson

Lets reflect for a moment on how far we’ve come (altho still a reallllyyy long road ahead)

April 17, 2016

As far as I could find on my personal account (ioselfies) this was the first ever documented self timer photo. I was jogging along the East River with my shirt off and stopped for a quick pic of myself.


This was before I had my dedicated page (the official page started feb 11, 2017)

Whats in a name?


This was the original name for this project.  I loved it at the time, I wanted others to take them too and enjoy the idea of making it feel like it was a photo club you wanted to be a part of.  Not exactly sure when but a name change was on the horizon.


As I became more obsessed with this photo method, I realized the name wasn’t catchy enough (altho I still liked it) but I wanted to make the brand more relatable/marketable since what I was taking was my own version of a selfie.  I also felt 6 syllables for a name was long, altho the new one was still 5, lolz.  But I felt it was 100% necessary to have the word selfie in the title.  I also kept the ’10’ not sure why, obviously its relevant to the timer setting, but my main goal was achieved with the selfie addition.  As this new name was chosen, I felt it was perfect.




As explained in the first entry iOSelfie was created as I wanted a shorter catchier name that really embraced what I was doing.   iOS was the name of the operating system for iPhone and it melted perfectly with the word selfie.  I also wanted the word to be a verb as well.  It also worked out that the instagram name was available too, otherwise who knows what it would have become.  On top of that, iO also looked like the number 10, which tied to the 10 second timer part of the photo.  My Italian friend then coincidentally informed me that ‘io’ in Italian meant ‘me’, which just put icing on the cake and iOSelfie was born.




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