4 tricks to taking cool pics


Trick 1. Making a raised area look like your on flat ground.

I posted a pic from Paris and I received a handful of messages asking where I was in reference to the Eiffel Tower and how I got the pic with nobody there. Or if I used photoshop to make them disappear.


Here’s the Paris pic.  If you just glance, it kinda looks like I’m on a huge concrete parking lot or driveway.  People wanted to know where I was because they loved the idea of getting a nice clear shot of the tower with no one around.  Since an important rule of an ioselfie is that no one can be in the background, this trick is very important.

Here’s how i take photos to eliminate people without having to edit them out.  I found a raised ledge, and when you place the camera on the ground (with the lens closest to the ground) it creates an illusion you’re on a flat surface.  When in fact I’m up quite high.  It just makes the Eiffel tower appear like it’s  flat at the same height.


Right where my poorly drawn red arrow leads to is where I set my phone down.  Leaned up against a empty bottle of wine.   There were a lot of empty bottles here.

At any location, I can cheat the look of making it appear as if no one is there or that I’m on flat ground with just the work of my iPhone.

Check out this pic below, I took at the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.  This pic looks like I’m on flat ground and people were asking how I was able to go in the center of the mosque (since you can walk around the mosque but not go in center).


Now check out the second photo below and you see its a ledge.


Trick 2: just add water

As I say “when the phone is low you get the glow” which I literally just made up.  But it’s true. I like to set my phone on the ground to take the pic which always brings so much shine and reflection to the photo. One of my tricks is that i will “just add water”.  Since my phone is always  propped up with a bottle of water, I started doing this thing where I’ll pour water out where the phone is.

Louvre before: NO WATER


just add water


after some water

IMG_0122 2.JPG

When there are more colors present, adding water does amazing things.  check out this pic before water (in nyc near cooper sq)


There were some great lights trying to make their way in from passing car as well as the traffic lights, so I knew adding some water to it would make something beautiful.

Here is with some water


ATM machine in NYC before & After water:

I like the idea of taking mundane redundant tasks, like going to the ATM and making a great photo out of it.  The pic is already interesting as is but just add a little water and there you go.


Trick 3. Look beyond what you normally see:

I was wandering around central park looking for a pic to take.  If you have been you know there are a handful of tunnels you go through that all look rather unassuming.  But once you understand how magical placing the phone on the ground is, and taking ioselfies,  then you start seeing things differently.  From ioselfies changing the way i think when i look at things, I now see my surroundings in a different way.  If you start taking ioselfies and constantly are on the ground taking low angle photos, it will happen to you too.

A regular tunnel as you see..


Once I got down there, got on my hands and knees and started taking pics, something amazing happened.  You can see my coffee and charger down there, as thats where I was placing the phone on the ground.  The people who walked past me, probably had no idea how beautiful of a picture I was taking.

and here it is…


Trick 4. the placement of the phone matters

There are 3 ways i place my phone on the ground.  each one offers an entirely different picture.

placement 1. phone lying horizontal, with lens on top, in front of “cup” leaned back a little


this placement gives you the most “visibility” of the shot.  since the lens is up to it lets you see as much as one can, when the camera is on the ground.   Visually its my least favorite, but it is useful when you need to see “more”.  Below is the a picture of what this will look like.


placement 2. phone lying horizontal, with lens on bottom, in front of “cup” leaned back a little


this angle is my most common and favorite.  It starts to bring the magic to life of the ioselfie.  This photo, unlike the one above, creates more of a feel like the camera is stuck in the ground.  like if someone sliced the ground and placed the camera in it.  I love how seems to bend the top part of the photo.  Since the lens is low tho, its only ideal when the shot is totally flat and your not worried about trying to get things up high in the background in view.



placement 3. phone lying horizontal, with lens on top/or bottom, behind the “cup” facing down a tiny bit.


this angle is fun but very limiting.  since the phone is facing down, it focuses on the ground.  This will then put the subject (me) out of focus.  It creates a very interesting shot tho, one that offers something entirely different than the above.  I love this when shooting on asphalt as it shows the focus and detail of the ground.  And since it does leave the subject out of focus, it just creates a really intriguing angle.  below are two shots done this way.


IMG_6895 2

so much detail in the asphalt.

Ok thats it for now.

Alrighty those are my 4 tips.  More tips to come and if you want more tips now or have questions message me on ig @ioselfie

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