Early bird gets the sunrise

an ioselfie requires patience, dedication and lots of time, at early, early hours.  Since I don’t allow anyone in the backgrounds of my ioselfie’s, eve, that means I’ve gotta take pictures while everyone else is still in bed.

The dedication to my project is tested when I have to wake sometimes at 4am, and therefor go to bed at sometimes 7 or 8pm, missing out on friends, partying and drinking (tequila). I don’t even like tequila or drink that much but its tied to the title of this post, so lets go with it.

So the downside is early to bed, super early to rise, but the reward is magical sunrises.


The ioselfie above was a 7pm to bed time, woke up at 4:00am, left the apt at 5:00am, got to the Williamsburg bridge around 6:00am, took countless pics before the sun came up,  and finally landed my beautiful sunrise shot around 7:20am.  I took about 30 sunrise shots, this was one of my faves.

Same as the cover photo, the one below is from a shoot at the Brooklyn bridge.  Another early to bed early to rise shoot that gave me some of my favorite ioselfie’s to date.



The next pic below is a sunrise in Los Angeles as I was hiking Griffith Park in the summer of 2017.  Altho only 8 or 9 months ago, I wasn’t taking ioselfie was serious as I do now, and altho the sunrise is amazing, I wasn’t as focused on taking interesting photos then.  I was more just taking pics without much thought, so I wouldn’t give this any creative award like some of my others, but pretty sky none the less.


I think my next post will be some sunsets.  Was just scrolling through my ioselfie’s and realized I have some amazing ones.

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