A lot goes into it.

Lots goes into taking a good iOSelfie.  I brought my friend/photographer Marco around with me to help share some visuals of me looking like a crazy person, laying on the ground, walking into traffic, etc. as I take pics around Soho and the Williamsburg bridge

These pics below are about as normal as they get.  Its pretty early, just me and my bottle of water (aka my phone stand) waiting for hopefully the sun to appear..

The iOSelfie workout program

If you wanna get in shape, just start taking iOSelfie’s, trust me.

Waiting for the light to change

Some of the best iOSelfie’s, are always the most tricky.  Since I love the city and symmetry this often puts me in the middle of the street to get a nice shot.

Looking out for cars as I’m about to set my phone up for a shot..



This is the face I make right after I’ve taken a good iOSelfie apparently.


I’m really just on my knees a lot, leaning a phone against a bottle and people passing by have no idea whats up.


Heres a nice shot of my phone against a bottle we took since I’m putting together a “how to” on how to take different type/angles of iOSelfie’s.


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